About Us


Lean Packaging was founded in December 2010 by John Bridgeford.  John was a 10 year veteran of the packing industry prior to starting the company with a diverse background in all things packaging.  As a small business owner he wears a lot of hats including sales, purchasing, inventory management, and marketing.  The company was initially located in 6,000 sq ft of the city owned business incubator in Grafton, ND but after 8 months an opportunity to purchase a building in John's hometown of Crookston, MN arose.  The move to the new 22,000 sq ft building allowed the company to add a number of new product lines, increase their just in time managed inventory programs, and lower freight costs due to more carrier options.  

Guy Haskett joined the team in November 2011. He was new to the packaging industry but brought with him 15+ years of sales experience and a great desire to learn the industry and to be of assistance to our customers. Guy and his wife Maggie make their in Mentor, MN and have 4 children.

Lindsay Lessard joined Lean in February 2019.  Lindsay is in charge of our logistics and AR as well as a number of other day to day activities.   Lindsay is a local to Crookston and has 2  young boys that keep her busy in her free time.