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Bulk Bags (FIBC) & Liners

Flexible intermediate bulk containers FIBC's go by many names, bulk bags, totes, super sacks, or big bags.  Whatever you choose to call them we can help you out with a number of in stock sizes available for immediate shipment and worldwide manufacturing capabilities to create customized bags for any specific details you require.  

If you require liners, we've got you covered there as well!  With capabilities ranging from hdpe loose liners, colored, anti static, VCI, to form fit metalized barrier films.  We stock a variety of sizes or can custom make to your specifications.  

We can help you dispose of your used and unwanted bags as well at the end of their life cycle in a sustainable and profitable manner.  Please contact us to discuss putting our Lean FIBC recycling program in place to help reduce your companies carbon footprint and dumpster fees, as well as increasing your bottom line.